Break the Internet? Really?

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Everything Kim Kardashian does “breaks the internet”. Why is that? The latest internet breakage occurred because she posted secretly recorded conversations, or rather selections of an hour-long conversation to her Snapchat. Coincidentally, she first asked everyone to follow her on Snapchat, then posted them. I’m sure that upped her Snapchat followers considerably. That’s brilliant in […]

The Adventure Begins

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This is a cartoon I created with Pixton, as you can tell since they copyrighted it. I created the story and scenes with their online tool and available character and backgrounds attributes. It’s like the way I create things with Photoshop or Illustrator, except Adobe does not copyright that work. No. I’m pretty happy with […]

What’s In a Name

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When it was time for me to purchase a new-to-me car, I decided to go with something plain and sensible that would not require my constant paying┬áto keep it on the road. I didn’t mind the paying as much as the auto service incompetents …. and all that implies. That’s how you know when that […]