Storyteller, Writer, Artist,
Designer, Comic Creator

Who Am I?

Just a life storyteller who decided to tell some stories, some funny, some not, some fiction, some not, some current, some not, some about me, some about you, some about them, some about they, some that may or may not rip your heart out, some that may make you burst with joy. Just another blog really.

I think of that Dr. Zhivago line when the Uri's brother finally meets who he believes is his niece and asks her "How did you come to be lost?" He wants to believe it is her and she answers, "He let go of my hand..."  Well, that's who I am, no parents, no family really... that I care to claim anyway. Regardless this is my journey's theme and that's how it felt along my journey.

How did I come to be lost anyway? First off, I'm not so sure I'm lost exactly as much as I found myself on several paths taken out of necessity, self-preservation, and sanity. And, on each path I've taken there's always been the nag hag muttering that I'm supposed to be doing something else, something for my soul's journey, something to please my soul and spirit. I'm doing that now.  Not sure how long it will last since that pesky "not going to retire but keep working" retirement plan didn't really pan out and the cliff is fast approaching. Meep. Meep.

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be on here. And, so are you.

- Jane Gibson