Break the Internet? Really?

Everything Kim Kardashian does "breaks the internet". Why is that? The latest internet breakage occurred because she posted secretly recorded conversations, or rather selections of an hour-long conversation to her Snapchat. Coincidentally, she first asked everyone to follow her on Snapchat, then posted them. I'm sure that upped her Snapchat followers considerably. That's brilliant in the game of who can get the most followers on any given platform and will surely add to her fortune. And, hey, that's great business, right? I say no.

It's one thing to make cute photoshopped images of balancing a champagne glass on your ass while popping a cork of the bubbly which naturally streams directly overhead into the ass-balanced glass. Super cute! Great promotion of both the photography, photographer, and the magazine in which it appears. Provocative enough to earn her more followers with which to parlay her various body parts into a major income stream. The internet "breaks" over it. Way to go! Fabulous marketing! But, it's another thing to "break the internet" in this untoward way she has just accomplished now with her take down of a very talented young woman, who is pretty business and publicity savvy herself.

I must draw a line here and Kim and Kanye and E! and their KUWTK show has crossed that line. Kim is lauded for defending her husband against "Taylor Swift's lies". Really, Kanye West needs the little woman to do his dirty work for him? I don't think so. He's perfectly capable of trying to ruin his own career and another artist's all by himself as we saw in 2009. Everything KKW is accusing TS of is actually quite factually true of her own self.

It is a wondrous thing when the queen of fake-self herself calls another quite accomplished woman fake. No one is more fake and vacuous than Kim and her over 72-day hub Kanye. I mean Kim staged an entire wedding for television and involved another person in a web of deceit to pull off that huge pay day. All the while doing Kanye at the same time. All poor TS did was have a BF who dissed her collaboration potential when she had already given him a song outright with no direct publishing credit. She dumped him. Or he dumped her then pretended to be the wounded party. Who knows. Who also knows what else was said or not said in the hour-long call with KKW’s hub? And, who secretly records her hub’s convo in the first place!
Just no. KKW’s decision and campaign to up her Snap-Chat followers at the expense of another person is just not okay. She’ll invent some other “break the internet” scenario next year as is her very lucrative “business model”. Next time, let’s hope it’s not at the expense of another woman.