What’s In a Name


When it was time for me to purchase a new-to-me car, I decided to go with something plain and sensible that would not require my constant paying to keep it on the road. I didn’t mind the paying as much as the auto service incompetents …. and all that implies. That’s how you know when that “I don’t have a car payment” is really a lie since you’re forking over nearly a car payment amount for things that just go wrong, usually unexpectedly and usually only get fixed on the third go round with the auto service “professionals”… (aka fuckwits).

I found a car that is just perfect for me. Plain and loaded and titanium in color, not black or white or red, but a nice metallic dark grey: titanium! Since I started thinking of myself as “plain” Jane who drives an “old lady” city car now instead of my past four-wheel drive dragonfly green finder of paths, I also thought there was more to it than that. After I looked it up, my “old lady” car really fell by the wayside as I resonated with the properties of this element and the basic everywoman I am: Titanium Jane.

noun: titanium; symbol: Ti

1. Metallic chemical element, one of the transition elements, chemical symbol Ti, atomic number 22. A silvery gray, lightweight, high-strength, low-corrosion structural metal, it is found combined in almost all rocks and soils and in plants and animals, natural waters, and deep-sea dredgings. Its chief commercial ores are ilmenite and rutile. Its alloys are used for parts for high-speed aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and ships; in electrodes; in chemical, desalination, and food-handling equipment; and in prostheses. Its compounds, in which it has valence 2, 3, or 4, include titanium trichloride (used as a catalyst in polypropylene production), titanium dioxide (extensively used as a pigment —with the greatest hiding power of all white pigments—in paints, enamels, and lacquers), and titanium tetrachloride (used in skywriting, smoke screens, and as a catalyst).

 noun: jane; plural noun: janes
1.a woman

I loved both definitions, spot on!

I also loved the thought of creating this spot for me to connect with my fellow Titanium Janes. Welcome!